PHP Script for SVN update and cleanup

PHP Script for SVN update

PHP Script for SVN update

With below PHP script you can update SVN from browser.


echo shell_exec(‘/usr/bin/svn cleanup /var/www/html/sunil –non-interactive –username sunil –password sun123 –config-dir /home/sunil/.subversion’);

 echo shell_exec(‘/usr/bin/svn update 2>&1 /var/www/html/sunil –non-interactive –username sunil –password sun123 –config-dir /home/sunil/.subversion’);



  • Replace web directory path with you directory path.

Here web directory path is: /var/www/html/sunil

  •  Replace SVN username and password with your username and password.

Here usename and passoword is ‘sunil’ and ‘sun123’

  •  Repalce subversion directory path with your directory path:

Here directory path is /home/sunil/.subversion









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